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Hospitality Homes of Cleveland (HHC) is a non-profit medical lodging service for patients and their families who journey to Cleveland seeking specialized medical treatment.

We offer affordable, extended lodging to those who may otherwise be unable to spare funds for commercial lodging throughout their stay. Our service places out-of-town guests in private host homes in the Cleveland neighborhoods. The warm home-like environment offered by host families provides a haven for hundreds of guests each year.

Our host families open up their hearts and homes to families during a time of medical crisis. Providing a home-away-from-home can reduce some stress for patients' families during medical treatment far from home.

Our guests are requested to pay $40 for a single person per night and $5 for one additional person per night per host in the same room

For placement information, please contact Altha Bartone at
216-518-0404 or 941-966-5793